• Quantity: 1
  • Max Unit Price: $100
  • Max Budget:
  • Contact: kelledin@gmail.com
  • Purpose: USB-over-IP client, file server, media renderer, tablet kiosk, and whatever else I feel like.
  • Stage: 1 alpha
  • Status: preorder

Note: Frank, apologies: we need an internet communications contact! also, you will need to split this into 3 separate preorders, one for each stage. you also might like to leave the "max budget" field blank because 3x100 is less than 400 :) but mostly, this preorder has been moved temporarily to the "not_valid" folder because we do not have a means to contact you over the internet.

Reply: Fair enough, somehow I didn't notice there was no specific e-mail field! Hope this does better.

Yep it does :) awkward as it is, i set up the order_processing.py program to spit out different stuff based on keyword search "alpha" "beta" or "stable" - it goes "ah yes, this order has the word alpha, the quantity field says 3 therefore it must be 3 alpha orders, yaay!" so that's the reason why it's necessary to do separate preorders. funfunfun, using a wiki as a database...