• Quantity: 5
  • Max Unit Price: $35
  • Max Budget: $35
  • Contact: Twitter: 17twenty
  • Purpose: Classroom/Server/Media Centre
  • Stage: stable
  • Status: preorder

17twenty the twitter user asks: (How is this different to unit price? This is a terrible way to organise an awesome project!).

lkcl the software (libre) developer answers: this is a Community Interest Company not a profit-maximisation company; this is an Open Project so we let people know what's going on; this site is designed for engineers especially software (libre) engineers, not the average user at this stage.

we are at the phase where we do not know yet either what the cost of the units' materials, nor do we know how much profit to put. we are considering asking people to pay what they WANT to pay, NOT dictating to them what they MUST pay in order to receive units.

also, the project's early viability depends on being able to pay for the NREs (Non-Recurring Expenses) ONLY when there are enough people willing to pay above a certain maximum amount.

against this background, asking people to put how much overall they would be willing to pay for units PLURAL allows us to assess options.

you can assess this for yourself by doing a git checkout of the wiki, including all the orders, and running the order_processing.py program which i wrote to aid and assist in the evaluation: http://git.hands.com/?p=rhombus.git;a=blob;f=allwinner_a10/order_processing.py

lkcl the software (libre) developer asks: 17twenty could you please provide an email address, thanks.