• Quantity: immediate:10, in 2 months time: 15k. Expected annual: 150k+
  • Max Unit $15
  • Max Budget: TBD.
  • Contact: +91-7760303322(GMT +05:30) or parth [at] exnxt [dot] com
  • Purpose: Open CE device for Media Streaming, Smart home, Controller
  • Stage: beta/stable
  • Status: preorder

Note: - $15 has to be discussed and evaluated, considering our large volume orders. response: i repeat: $15 is not going to happen. $15 is the approximate cost of the materials, excluding casework, packaging, testing, profit, tax, shipping and customs duty. it is therefore simply unrealistic. at these volumes however we will however put you directly in touch with the factory and you can negotiate with them. - We would like to pin down the best pricing - for our ce device & also the open community at large response: over 10k volumes we are putting people directly in touch with the factory. please however do not offer them $15 per unit: it is not going to happen. - We would be also contributing to the software/OS development response: that's fantastic to hear that you will be respecting Software (Libre) Licenses. - Best way is to get into a call to discuss this - hence my number above response: sorry, but if you had realistic price expectations that allowed us to make some profit it would be worthwhile spending the funds on an international phone call.

Note - Hello. As per our email discussions, hope its clear that we are NOT AT ALL expecting $15 total cost with everything included. We are WELL AWARE that its a targeted price of the SoC. And yes, you can definitely expect a profit margin! We would be more than happy to connect with the factory directly to negotiate on the pricing for the sheer high volumes. Let us know when its available.