• Quantity: 100000
  • Max Unit Price: $20
  • Max Budget:
  • Contact:james AT QWK2LRN dot com
  • Purpose: k-12 EDUCATION programming course/ebook reader
  • Stage: stable
  • Status: preorder

We are looking for a configuration similar to raspberry with rj45 ethernet and will pay premium for VGA on the board.

james - $20 even in 100k volumes is too unrealistic. the BOM is around $30 to $35 so if we follow the "bunnie studios" rule the retail price would be $90 to $100.

for something that is 3x the performance of an ARM11 processor and with double the RAM you really should expect the pricing to be a hell of a lot more, as the value received is also a lot more.

regarding the VGA socket: that can be achieved with a $2.50 Chrontel chip, on the I/O Board. you should create a project in community ideas about the ebook reader, if there isn't one already there.

Note tel no: 716-795-2576