• Quantity: 2
  • Max Unit Price: 15 [note: we are getting a large number of unrealistic preorders. please note that the estimated $15 for stable units is for 100k pricing i.e. mass-volume orders and is excluding all other costs other than the PCB, and also that the development costs for the first alpha units place them around $85 at present, again for the PCB only. If you place a preorder for an unrealistically-low price it will be necessary to wait for very large-volume group-buy orders, or better to wait until units are available in mass-volume hypermarket stores or online retail stores. further information on pricing will be available after chinese new year.]
  • Max Budget: 20
  • Contact: hans hassing, hassing.hans@gmail.com
  • Purpose: media player, kids pc
  • Stage: stable (please delete as appropriate)
  • Status: preorder

Note: not valid. unrealistic price. it even says so in the template, which you left in place hans.