• Quantity: 1 Allwinner A10 Board
  • Max Unit Price: $30 per device
  • Max Budget: $50
  • Contact: joshua_levy (at) me . com
  • Purpose: repackaging
  • Stage: beta
  • Status: preorder

Note: joshua can you please make this a little clearer, sticking to precise numbers so that the python order_processing.py script can understand it? usually what we recommend is that people put in two separate preorders, one for a sample unit (beta) and then another preorder for quantity (stable). so in this case that would be $50 on the beta unit with qty = 1 and then $1950 on the stable one with "Quantity: 20-25" or something like that. the order processing program is quite smart but not smart enough to understand english sentences :) moving to "not_valid" folder until this is resolved.


My pre order is based on the following conditions :

Max buying offer per unit is $50 Once successful, I plan to order minimum of 50 units. I need to have full specifications of the product and what Operating System does it support