• Quantity: 2
  • Max Unit Price: $35
  • Max Budget:70
  • Contact: vimal@justvimal.in
  • Purpose: wanna do some cool stuff, be fake and flaunt i am a geek, and teach a bunch of guys how to assemble a tablet pc.
  • Stage: alpha
  • Status: preorder

Note: Thats currently my order price, to start off with the testing, once the prices drop consider me in for atleast 20 units. Note: the sale price will never go down, vimal - it will go up. the BOM is around $35 so you will need to adjust expectations accordingly. we cannot be expected to subsidise everyone's units - it will not be possible to make a business out of paying you to take units. sorry. moving to not_valid folder: when you have adjusted pricing expectations this preorder can be moved out of not_valid