• Quantity: 1
  • Max Unit Price: $40
  • Max Budget: $80
  • Contact: http://www.anonomi.com/kanishk
  • Purpose: research/hacking, development, hobbyist
  • Stage: beta or stable (preferably)
  • Status: preorder

Please try to include a mic-in jack (mic input) it would be great if we can use skype or any similar Video conferencing application software :)

lkcl: i know - we couldn't fit it in the 40mm space at the end of the board, it'll need a large re-tooling cost for the casework (about $USD 10,000). so we'll do that for the next version ok?

in the mean-time, all the boards this is expected to fit into will need to provide their own audio, e.g. the flying squirrel it's done as PCM stereo and using the ADC for the microphone. nice and low-tech, and nice and low-cost too! other PCBs can do this in a different way, e.g. with USB AC97 Audio or anything better that they choose.

p.s. could you provide an email address even if it's a throw-away hotmail one because i need to be able to reach people. thanks.