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community ideas/laptop 15in/news/Casework first prototype completed images 07 Aug 2015
07 Aug 2015: Libre Hardware 15.6in Laptop completed prototype first images Here is a series of images showing the completed prototype with all 3D printed parts. A total of around 22 metres of 3.0mm PLA have been used to create the 19 parts needed, and a whopping 200 metres of PLA was used in the development of the prototypes. The source code is GPLv3+ licensed and may be obtained here (git repository included). ...
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community ideas/laptop 15in/news/PCB2 prototype functional keyboard matrix
26 Dec 2015: Libre Laptop STM32F072 and Chicony MP-03756GB-5287 success The Chicony keyboard matrix had been previously successfully reverse-engineered which left the firmware to be written (usb-hid driver) and the full matrix of USB HID key events to be generated. This was completed and demonstrated as a functional keyboard on a Debian GNU/Linux console. A video will be made and uploaded shortly. The keyboard matrix is - was - one of the last pieces required to have a fully-functional laptop. With the...
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community ideas/laptop 15in/news/EOMA68 Libre 15.6in Laptop Prototype PCBs first boot
03 Jan 2016: EOMA68 15.6in Libre Laptop Prototype PCBs first boot We have a successful first boot on the EOMA68 15.6in Libre Laptop Prototype PCBs. Demonstrated here is an EOMA68-A20 user-removable CPU Card, with a split 3 PCB design: main board (PCB1), embedded controller, power management, keyboard and touchpad board (PCB2), and power / battery charger board (PCB3). The split design is necessary due to the size of the laptop (15.6in LCD) as well as the need for PCBs to be at different heights on opposite...
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community ideas/micro desktop/news/First Prototype
10 Oct 2014: First prototype First prototypes are back from assembly. They are still currently in Hong Kong, and are to be shipped back for testing shortly. First most obvious mistake is clear: the VGA connector PCB layout was mirror-imaged! This is easily corrected but requires around $600 for reworking. The remaining functionality will be fully tested before that happens, but these boards will be sufficient to go ahead with the crowdfunding campaign. Also, note the addition of a Micro-SD card slot,...
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community ideas/kde tablet/news/Revision 3.2 3D printed casework
21 Dec 2014: First 3D printed prototype casework A 3D printed prototype of the casework has been attempted, to verify that it may be created from wood laminates. For the very first objects to be done on a new printer, it worked out well, however the surfaces are not particularly flat and had to be glued together so as to stay in position whilst being drilled. The planned holes (which would be laser-cut) are only 1.2mm diameter and a 3D printer with a 0.4mm nozzle cannot cope to make such small holes. This...
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community ideas/micro desktop/news/Tested with IC1t CPU Card
14 Oct 2014: First prototype partially tested with EOMA68-IC1t Thanks to ICube Corp the 5V power and the Micro-SD card slot were tested and confirmed working by way of a successful board bring-up with the EOMA68-IC1t prototype. One other minor error was also found in the process, which was corrected in the Micro-Desktop prototypes: the BAT54S shottky protection diodes were found to be mirror-imaged and needed to be placed face-down. The boards have been shipped and will be tested fully with the EOMA68-A20,...
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community ideas/laptop 15in/news/Casework first prototype completed 07 Aug 2015
07 Aug 2015: Videos of finished first prototype With all parts now finalised a couple of videos were produced of the final (fiddly) assembly stages, with the keyboard, 15.6in LCD and LCD-touchpanel being put in place. The second video finishes with an explanation of where all the PCBs will go. ...
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community ideas/kde tablet/news/First 3D Print 3.2 Prototype
25 Dec 2014: Second revision 3D printed prototype casework After creating a first revision that could be made from laminates a more complex version that could be directly assembled as a 3D printed case was started. To save plastic a first revision 25mm by 25mm version was made: These three parts are designed to capture the touch panel and then interlock to complete the case: On the interior of the bottom part are small indentations that fit into recesses of the inner part. However when a larger...
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community ideas/laptop 15in/news/EOMA68 Libre 15.6in Laptop PCB 2nd phase prototyping
16 Sep 2016: 2nd phase of PCB prototyping begins After the successful Crowd Supply campaign with its 100% focus on communications instead of design work, the focus now returns to redoing the PCBs. PCB1 - the main PCB which houses the EOMA68 Card - has been completed. PCB2 requires a bit more thought, and PCB3 a complete overhaul. PCB2 contains the STM32F072 and covers the keyboard, monitors the battery, controls the power button and handles the mouse-like CTP and corresponding 3.5in LCD on which to display...
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