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add links on Sunxi U-Boot, means to check *two* MMC slots in the early SPL loader
add headlines to distinct between sunxi U-Boot and Mainline U-Boot, add section on older still installed gcc versions
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add microdesktop usbuart link
add microdesktop usbuart link
add microdesktop usbuart link
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Added Bootlin video decoding efforts.
Tried to summarise the status of various things.
Added some more detail and remarks about board dimensions.
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Clarification: Neologisms in single quotes. (Missed one) && Clarification: "Feeling" -> 'Sense' because 'Sensory' apparatuses may not be innate and may need development by culture or cultural means.
"'Involvement' in what?" 'Influence' multitudness and agnostic-of targets
Clarification: Plunder; Neologisms in single quotes.
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