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add microdesktop usbuart link
add microdesktop usbuart link
add microdesktop usbuart link
add microdesktop usbuart link
Added links to other software-related pages.
Added Bootlin video decoding efforts.
Tried to summarise the status of various things.
Added some more detail and remarks about board dimensions.
add pcmcia sources
update nlnet proposal
add nlnet 2018 PET proposal
add microdesktop i2c circuit
Noted next clarification
Clarification: Neologisms in single quotes. (Missed one) && Clarification: "Feeling" -> 'Sense' because 'Sensory' apparatuses may not be innate and may need development by culture or cultural means.
"'Involvement' in what?" 'Influence' multitudness and agnostic-of targets
Clarification: Plunder; Neologisms in single quotes.
minor tidying
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justify numbers
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sandbox table test
oh well, never mind (revert that experiment)
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Added link to the sunxi wiki page describing access to the Allwinner GPIO.
Self-referential patterned speech (prose) for a multi-angular explanation of entropy.
Editorial note on guidance-exceptional usage of "production" as a word.
Describing entropy's purpose in creating the economies with currency.
Entropy fuels neurological functions. Naming AI/AGI, for precedent.
Defining a flipping-device indirectly as a weapon of plunder.
Finished sentence. All Blockchains -> Consensus Algorhythms. Not all Consensus Algorhythms -> Blockchains.
added fosdem webm video for riscv talk and title
Adding notes about what should be a classic example.
Abstractly defined "Technology". Note: albiet poetic, the definition be taken as cryptic: care should be exerted allowing context to support the definition fully.
Formatting change + references
Re-arranged definitions respective of due-weight. Utilized inter-word dashes to facilitate readability of a long string functioning as a single unified adjective.
Add GPIO Test Pin Tables
move shakti m_class page
move shakti m_class page
move shakti m_class page
move shakti m_class page
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add 3dcase link
Sign up for a pre-production board.
trivial test edit #3
trivial test edit
trivial test edit
minor -> formatting
Defined "Organ", coined to deal with unintentional organisations in documentation without specifying or being able to specify them. Defined "Art" for all intensive purposes in the scope of the project. Adjusted definition of "Expense": to be more general/abstract. Started new section about gratifying members of a community by finding them friends or potential friends.
add SiFive IOF mention
found SiFive IOF
mention sifive peripherals
Useful definition for later use.
Defining "Gratification"
Commencing new article: theme-ing title.
Picked a trial title
add youtube link Eoma68 progress report
add i2s link
add youtube video
update pinmux
add sdmmc to bank h
add bank g, RGMII, ULPI3, LCD2
Number in binary for fun.
Titled first in-drafting proposed page. Rephrased reasoning for exceptional examples. Titled and commenced drafting a new proposed page "Gratifying Supporters".
Add Link to YouTube video (14:20 Talk)
Add Link to YouTube video (17:30 Talk)
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fixup! add direct link for LCA2018 talk, and make prettier