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add rk3288 testing report
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Initial notes about the A64.
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add first revision RK3288 test report
express an interest in testing a pre-production board
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Added news article link about materials for Chinese individuals and organisations wishing to use Free Software responsibly.
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another person not understanding what the project is about. *sigh*.
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Added FTP site link to datasheets.
Added FTP site link to datasheets.
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add width 1024
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update news, add eoma68-a20 v2.4 pictures
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add microdesktop v1.4 pictures
Did not see keyboard (or monitor) that you can plug the card directly into (sorry if I missed it). Added the suggestion to the end of the list.
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add library for ili9488
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cleanup lcd specs
cleanup lcd specs
cleanup lcd specs
cleanup lcd specs
cleanup lcd specs
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Finishing off openchain (free software legal compliance) section with a mention of SPDX format.
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