Welcome to Rhombus Tech

Old discarded mobile phones, image by Chris Jordan.

Why has Rhombus Tech been created?

If you have heard of Phonebloks you will know that there are at least hundreds of thousands of people who are deeply concerned about the environmental impact of our throw-away culture in electronics. And whilst Phoneblocks is starting with mobile phones, Rhombus Tech is starting with everything else.

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How is Rhombus Tech helping reduce e-waste?

With a comprehensive strategy that covers the entire product development and delivery cycle. We have to do this: a paradigm shift in how we use our mass-volume electronics goods demands a complete rethink from start to finish! And that involves every one of us.

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What products are in the pipeline?

The goals are huge: we have to start somewhere, so are beginning with the first Embedded Open Modular Architecture Standard, EOMA68 and have created two matching products:

These two products will be available in an upcoming Crowd-Funding Campaign which is currently in prelaunch at crowdsupply.com. To find out about more possible products, feel free to contribute to and review the community ideas page.

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