Review / comparison for 2GB RAM Schematics


  • Page 1 of the CT schematics needs to be compared to Page 5 of the EOMA68-A20 ones

  • Page 4 likewise needs to be compared to Page 10.

Spotted so far:

  • extra address line marked "SCS1" to pin AA4 on the EOMA68-A20 schematics (Page 5), that's marked "SA15" on the Cubietruck schematics (Page 1).
  • SA15 goes to 1U2, 1U3, 1U4 and 1U5 all to "A15" (pin J9 J8) on all four ICs

(also on CT, capacitors that link to pin E2 on 1U3 1U4 and 1U5 are 224 and not 104 but I don't know if that's relevant)