EOMA68-A20 Disassembly

If you need to disassemble the EOMA68-A20 board then please follow this procedure:

  • Be patient, don't use excessive force
  • You only need to remove the "top" shield (same side as uSD slot) to reach usb-boot jumper.
  • Start from the outside (hdmi contacts etc) and work your way towards the EOMA68 contact.
  • Push the shield gently to the side to loose its grip. Wiggle it a bit working up the edges.
  • The metal is glued to the EOMA68 connector with adhesive tape. When reaching the EOMA68 connector gently bend one edge the shield for a while until the tape looses its grip.
  • If removing both shield pieces then be very careful with the glue tape on the bottom one, it's easy to bend the whole EOMA68 connector here with possibly catastrophic results.
  • Remove tape and glue remainder before reassembly if you plan on disassemble again. Easily rubs off with using just your fingers or hand.
  • If you have removed the board from the casing entirely and want to reassemble, pay attention on which direction you insert the card. The USB connector should be orientated to the shorter edge.

Once you have disassembled the casing the USB-Boot jumper is clearly labeled "UBOOT" on the board. Hard to miss it. Between the A20 CPU and the EOMA68 connector.

Visual guide to EOMA68 disassembly.