Crowd-sourced Funding for the A10 EOMA-68 CPU Card

This page is dedicated to a campaign to crowd-source the funding needed for the A10 EOMA-68 CPU Card. List of tasks:

  • write up the proposal
  • choose a funding platform
  • arrange a group of people to help promote
  • keep actively promoting

The reason for the promotion assistance is to ensure that the project remains "engaged". Rockethub's advice is to ensure that, even prior to release, there are at least 15 or more people willing to commit immediately to at least one of the "rewards", and who are also prepared to always, always hit the "Like" and "Re-tweet" buttons.


Needs review: crowd funding proposal

People willing to commit immediately

Please put your name (or other mnemonic) here if you are prepared to commit immediately to buy at least one A10 EOMA-68 CPU Card "reward" on day one, price will be about $60. When this reaches 15 people the "submit" button will be pushed and a message sent to the arm-netbooks mailing list.

  • rmull (
  • äxl (aexlfowley at web de)
  • mnemoc (amery geeks cl)
  • jelly (a10 at kladdkaka org)
  • bmsleight (bms.debian a
  • deanoc ( deano cloudpixies com )
  • jardiamj
  • vbmithr

People willing to commit to helping with campaigning

Please put your name (or other mnemonic) - facebook, twitter etc. if you are prepared to help with campaigning. "Like", "re-tweet", on articles, blogs etc. Once this reaches 15 people, the "submit" button can be pushed. Announcements will be made on arm-netbooks.


Promotion Campaign