A10 Pro Devkit Orders

Notes: RHT to pay for Bari's Devkit. Gordan, Alejandro paying.


I want to get it running with my RHEL6 ARM port called Red Sleeve Enterprise Linux (RSEL) so that I can make sure that it all works and that I can make available a suitable kernel for that device to go with the distro. If you like you can say it's the first "enterprise" Linux distro for ARM. :)

The only reason a beta of it is not yet out and available for public testing and consumption is because I have to replace all the RedHat branding in images with something else that doesn't look lame (which sadly excludes the generic-logos replacement package). So as soon as the arty people that are working on it are done, it will be made available. The only upshot of that is that it gives me the next week or two to actually get the website up and running and make sure that a wiki, bugzilla and a mailing list are in place.


Doing the CAD/CAM Drawings, Schematics, PCB layout, Mechanical design, Thermal management etc


Doing the upstream Linux Kernel push