Building hardware packs (script.bin, u-boot and kernel) and using them to generate a bootable SD card for A10 devices

Two scripts are available to build and generate all base software:

  • – Script to generate evb.bin, build the latest u-boot and linux kernel, retrieve some config files and compress all this in an hardware pack file.
  • – Script to make a bootable SD card for AllWinner A10 devices using the hardware packs generated above.

They are available in github

Here's how to use them for Mele A1000 (HDMI output):

First build the hardware packs for Mele A1000:

./ mele-a1000

This will create a file in a path like: bld_a10_hwpack_2012.06.12/mele-a1000_hwpack_2012.06.12.7z

Then you can download or prepare an existing rootfs to create a bootable SD card with the OS of your choice. For example with Linaro ALIP rootfs:

./ /dev/sdb mele-a1000_hwpack_2012.06.13.7z linaro-precise-alip-20120525-143.tar.gz

More details are available at