Mele A1000 / A2000 Prebuilt Image

A prebuilt Ubuntu image is available and can be easily flashed for the Mele A10 devices using readily available software under both Linux and Windows.

Image Information as of June 2nd 2012

Download Link:
Mirror (100 MBit, no bandwidth restrictions)
Date Created: 20-Apr-2012

Username: root/ubuntu or ubuntu/ubuntu

AllWinner Kernel Version: Unknown

MD5Sum: add me!

Known Issues

Audio does not work when logged in as root - log in as ubuntu to test sound.

The 100 megabit network card does not work.

Screen resolution cannot be set above 1280x1024

No X11 3d acceleration, see Compile X11 driver for A10

Post installation instructions

After logging in for the first time, run the command 'depmod -a' and reboot. This will enable the wireless module.

See the flashing guide for details on using this image [todo - link properly]