In my opinion, the CIS0 and CIS1 for cameras, TV-in are useful. If there is no such I/Os, this card is very similar to Mele A1000 (or A2000), Eaget H9 Media Player and other A10 based ones. There is also Jtag on the board inside the media player. The media players are massive productions. It has everything such as power supply, case, remote etc. If Rhombus board can not supply more functions or flexibilities, I think it won't be easy to compete with low cost media players.

lkcl28may2013: unfortunately there simply isn't room, and it massively complicates the EOMA-68 specification. CSI0 is at least 18 pins; CSI1 is over 30! there are only 68 pins on an EOMA68 interface. so, these kinds of things - cameras etc. - need to be done as USB.
It turns out that the STM32F is perfectly capable of handling VGA cameras in software, with DMA transfers. In volumes of 10,000 the STM32F is available for $USD 2.36. This is significantly less than the cost of an Audio IC, a Camera IC, and many other discrete components. The total cost - in the small numbers such as 10,000 - of the overhead for using this strategy is only around $6. This is a reasonable overhead for the degree of flexibility of this environmentally-conscious approach. You may choose to continue to purchase products that, if there is a single failure means the entire product is landfill, should you so wish.

#Just a quick question here (nothing to do with above post), when is the estimated time for this product to be released? I have already put up an order under the order section at jeremiahyong. I was just wondering if US$50 is enough for one of these bad boys. - Jeremiah Yong (

lkcl28may2013: :) no $50 is not enough at this early phase, not unless you can give a good reason why we should provide you with a subsidy, such as you will help us to get a 100,000 cash order or a formal committment letter from a reputable company. we cannot say when it will be released, because we have to go through a series of validations first, which include testing by between 25 to 50 volunteers (testers of engineering samples) first. this is best discussed on the mailing list, ok?