Allwinner A10 EOMA-68-compliant CPU Card

This page is in note-form for convenient reference, for ongoing development of the CPU Card Schematics. Updates are available at the news page.

Schematics Design

The schedule is as follows:

Note: here is a link to a tablet which has had FCC approval: the documents filed with the FCC include schematics that are very similar to the wits-tech EVB schematics:

Notes on parts needed for PCB

Sourced (preliminary selected) Part Numbers

Qing Pricing 100k

  • HDMI micro Type D. 2.5RMB
  • Micro USB AB. 1.2RMB
  • 4in audio. 1.2RMB
  • Micro SD slot. 2RMB

status: all parts look good, qingpei requested samples 21mar12, to be sent to bari on receipt.

Henry Pricing 100k

  • Molex Micro HDMI Type D 46875-3011 MOQ 4K $0.94 each 5 weeks
  • Molex Micro USB AB 47654-0001 MOQ 7.5K $0.24 each 7 weeks

TODO: obtain photos, double-check parts.

DuSeven pricing 10k (RMB)

  • header 2.0MM2X22PIN 1.55/PCS
  • HDMI 3.23/pcs
  • headphone jack 0.95/PCS
  • SD card socket 1.95/PCS (sample available the day after tomorrow)
  • USB conn 1.63/PCS

status: 100k negotiable, photos (directly above!) too hard to tell whether they're mid-mount, requested side-on photos. DuSeven says that they understand that mid-mount is required, audio connector might be mid-mount: still requested side-on photo just to make aaaabsolutely sure.

Connectors Part Numbers (research / todo)

Suitable RAM IC

Tools and Resources



Debugging Tools

  • 8:10-card "Universal Breakout Board" - This card plugs into a micro 8:10-card slot (google it to find out why it's called that: it's to do with the SD association requiring attribution and to do with Trademarks).
  • microSD Sniffer - Can be used as above, but with holes for easy soldering of headers.

Links to KiCAD components


KiCAD fped generator

NOTES (thanks to dave)

Take a look at fped for producing kicad compatible footprints:

Also produces handy PDFs for review:

Looks like the svn repo that those came out of is offline, but the attached fped file is for a 332 pin fbga.

Given your using kicad, it might also be worth seeing if any of these tools are worth adopting:

i.e. schhist generates PDFs from kidcad to support a visual change log:

DDR3 RAM Application Notes

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