AMD G-Series

In design is an 8mm-high (Type III) EOMA-68 CPU card is the AMD 64-bit x86 Dual-core CPU with on-board Radeon 3D Graphics, with full Free Software support.

This CPU Card would be FSF Hardware-Endorseable because support in coreboot is available. Additionally, AMD has released information on the Radeon 6250 ("Fusion") GPU, and provided Free Software Source Code for a 3D driver as well as support in xorg. 3D Support for the Radeon 6250 is known by the name "Fusion", and is part of the r600c Gallium 3D driver in Mesa3D as of version 7.10. NOTE: AtomBIOS still under investigation which may prevent this CPU from being FSF Hardware-Endorseable


  • AMD T40E 1ghz Dual-Core CPU with AMD Radeon HD 6250 GPU: 413-pin BGA (19mm x 19mm)
  • AMD A55E controller hub with PCI, 14x USB-2, 6x SATA-III and 10/100/1000 Gigabit Ethernet MAC: 605-pin BGA (23mm x 23mm)
  • (or potentially the A50M controller hub with Realtek 8111DL PCIe GbEx1 LAN controller: SATA TBD)
  • 2Gbytes DDR3 RAM @ 667mhz (1333MT/s)


The following interfaces can be placed onto the front of the Type III EOMA-68 CPU card:

  • HDMI, directly from the CPU
  • HD audio, from the A55E controller
  • USB-2, from the A55E controller
  • analog audio: TBD
  • MicroSD: TBD (e.g. USB-to-SD from genesys logic)

The following interfaces can be connected to the EOMA-68 interface:

  • SATA-III, from the A55E controller
  • 2nd Video port from the CPU converted using a TI TFP401a goes to RGB/TTL 24-pin.
  • 16 pins GPIO, from the A55E controller
  • SMBus (aka I2C), from the A55E controller
  • 1x USB2 interface, from the A55E controller
  • gigabit ethernet MAC, from the A55E controller hub: a PHY chip is required (RALink?)

The following interfaces are required for boot purposes:

  • SPI, from the CPU, which goes to the on-board boot PROM running coreboot.

The following interfaces go to the expansion header:

  • GPIOs (from the A55E Controller)
  • PCI-e (from the CPU)
  • the 2nd SATA-III of the A55E Controller

Thermal Cooling

Cooling is achieved by a combination of thermal management techniques including the use of heat-conductive plastics: