Hand-held Camcorder

A camcorder that can take an EOMA68 card. Ironically, like the hybrid phone, it would require an on-board processor as well as a dual-input LCD. Likely the same Frida HX8357D-based 3.5in display, which has SPI (can be connected to the on-board processor) and RGB/TTL (can be connected to EOMA68).

Also ironically given that processing images down to MPEG in real-time requires a lot of resources, it's probably necessary to use a full-blown processor on-board the Housing, with its own DDR RAM - current candidates (as they're very low-cost) are the Allwinner ?R8.

By using VPx (x= 9 or what the latest version is.) avoid paying mpeg-al mafia fees :) and for cutting edge compression Opus for Libre audio compression which is also the best, latest compression vs quality lossless audio format. very good for streaming too. WavPack or Flac for libre good lossless. default recording format please :) finally no more space hog wav for lossless!

GPIOs so it can be controlled via switches on a custom hand held camera rig, for example.

Bluetooth 4 with support for APT-X LIVE as this means BT4 APT-X LIVE supporting bluetooth mics can be used. Cheaper yet same quality as top range pro wireless mics? http://www.csr.com/products/59/aptx-live

Wifi for the first camcorder with free software wifi and so no hidden backdoors just good old bugs which can be fixed. Secure, auto sync media to peers/servers. with no built in delete button for uploaded files and plausible deniability somehow so the cops cant delete/censor footage/pics.

Mic input and line-in or support for a external class compliant USB audio interface.

Plug in 3g modem for uploading media or live streaming via mobile network. maybe other mesh net tech can be used too?

Dare i ask for composite video output? old tvs and for small 12v lcd screens for easy cheap external monitor option (diy camera rigs)?

Raw hdmi video out?

A few USB ports :D

Software Related:

tor support for anon, anti censer sharing. http://onionshare.org/ for a starting point. it has a CLI, make a GUI around it? syncthing for auto magic copy to backup computer box. bittorrent streaming?