What we want to produce is a small, cheap and power efficient arm machine that can connect to a standard tv set or vga computer screen because in southamerican countries these are cheap and easy to find second hand, also if you import it like one computer you do not need to pay tax. The machine also must support android system (easy to find educational software and games), flash player (for online games and video), linux as option, must have LAN port and also wifi (when you buy internet access the router is free, also the wifi board only add 2 usd ), at least have 2 usb ports, optional support for usb gamepads and webcams.

  • 4-port usb hub ($1 appx)
  • Power Regulator IC (5v, 3A) ($0.30 appx)
  • LDO IC (3.3v, 0.5A) ($0.20 appx)
  • usb jumper to a wifi module ($0.05? appx)
  • 24-pin RGB/TTL to Composite http://www.chrontel.com/products/7015.htm ($1 appx)
  • something for Audio out (STM32F?) ($1.50 appx)
  • an i2c eeprom identifying the I/O board (EOMA requirement) ($0.20 appx)
  • 3 RCA for composite + stereo audio. ($0.20 appx)
  • 2 (or 3) USB connector ($0.50 appx?)
  • 5V power connector ($0.10 appx)
  • internal connector for EOMA board ($1 appx)
  • 4-layer PCB ($1.50 appx?)
  • suitable case fitting the I/O board and EOMA module ($1.50 appx?)
  • WIFI module ($2 appx?)
  • Ethernet RJ45 Jack ($0.20?)
  • Option for VGA (or DVI) use Chrontel or equiv
  • Option for SATA-II (eSATA)

Total comes to about $12.25 very very approximate cost. NREs include appx $2,000 for the PCB tooling, and an unknown (but probably around $10,000) amount for casework tooling and development.