=File Box= File bOX

a box to manage, backup your files.

a huge usb hub for plugging in tons of usb hard drives and power to power them ...and a load of built-in sata2usb converters? with power supply for hmm a dozzen HD’s

instead of buying a usb harddrive which gives you just more storage, with a fox you get more storage space but also auto backup/duplication onto other connected hard drives for a 2rd copy via sync and with other foxs via apps like syncthing your HD’s are auto synced/backuped to your other foxs on the other side of the earth to back them up properly so your copies of your data isnt in one place!

plug your camera in via usb and your new photos will be auto downlaoded/imported into photo/video/ collection and then maybe processed? ooh with pagekite you could run a media goblin instance so friends and public and browser your media via your own media portal website interface. that would be great! and if that box is on a slow internet uplink no worries cus if you have one else where, where there is a faster uplink, with your media synced over the media goblin instance is run from there so your viewers get a faster loading of the web pages.

archive youtube and other video hosting site vids, send the link(s) via bonjour -local network instant messaging and it will send it to a youtube-dl and plowdown que manager and so archive that video!
Firefox button to add to fox archive-that-vid que addon? how?

this i guess would be the cheep tons of hard drives storage solution for a poor mans file server. Would do for most people? well i think it would do for me and all my media (around 8 hd’s currently).

  • easy https access via https://pagekite.net ** bundled pagekite service with fox, 3 months included to get ya started.
  • http://tribler.org channel for public shareing via bittorrent (tribler 100% decentralized style woop!)
  • http://syncthing.net/ awesome sync local and over the net thats super easy. no user pass, no account, just sync that gets on with it.
  • aria2c html5 web interface download manager -basic bt,http,ftp-

from a non-evil com that only uses software of freedom therefor no judgement though spying. your cost affective personal space.