22 Sep 2015: PCB Block Diagram Updated

We have done some changes on the block diagram of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd PCB. We have put the STM32F and accelerometer on the second PCB and we have connect the accelerometer to the STM32F.

I would appreciate if someone can review it.

Now I put the block diagram of all PCB.

Block diagram of the first PCB:

Datasheet of components of first PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/1st%20PCB/

Block diagram of the second PCB:

Datasheet of components of second PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/2nd%20PCB/

Block diagram of the third PCB:

Datasheet of components of third PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/3rd%20PCB/

Block diagram of the 480p display PCB:

Datasheet of components of 480p display PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/PCB%20Display%20480p/

Block diagram of the 720p display PCB:

Datasheet of components of 720p display PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/PCB%20Dispaly%20720p/

Any help/change/suggestion is welcome.