23 Sep 2015: PCB Block Diagram Updated (2)

We have done a change on the block diagram of the 1st PCB. We have changed the EINT line from CM108AH to the Headphone Jack.

I would appreciate if someone can review it.

Now I put the block diagram of all PCB.

Block diagram of the first PCB:

Datasheet of components of first PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/1st%20PCB/

Block diagram of the second PCB:

Datasheet of components of second PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/2nd%20PCB/

Block diagram of the third PCB:

Datasheet of components of third PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/3rd%20PCB/

Block diagram of the 480p display PCB:

Datasheet of components of 480p display PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/PCB%20Display%20480p/

Block diagram of the 720p display PCB:

Datasheet of components of 720p display PCB: http://george.the-petries.co.uk/shared-write-access/eoma/HandheldGamesConsole/PCB%20Dispaly%20720p/

Any help/change/suggestion is welcome.