Open Sourced Humanoid Robot Project

Merely moving 20 odd servos is not good enough to make next generation of humanoid robots.

This project will add one or more EOMA cards to beef up computing power and add to the embedded controllers to push up the capabilities.

The EOMA will allow the robot to speak, have WiFi connectivity through a USB WiFI adapater so that it can report its status through an internal web server in the EOMA, take pictures and send it back through the wifi, have a barcode scanner or webcam to read barcodes stuck down on the floor and key points on the wall and furniture so that it can work out where it is, a magnetometer chip like a MAG3110 and accelerometer like MMA8451Q to work out direction, a light sensor, PIR sensor, temperature sensor, microphone, optical proximity sensor etc all low cost and built into one board. The board sends the data to EOMA for high level scripting and programming languages to take decisions. Software runs off the uSD card.

The embedded controller that generates all the servo signals was made with PIC - but chips have moved on and a new board made with ARM Cortex M4 is likely choice. Need to add LiPo, LCD for eyes and mouth. The parts are in dxf files that can be cut by laser. The servos are off the shelf 15kgcm types or better.