KDE Tablet

The 7in tablet's codename is now "Flying Squirrel". Many thanks to specing for the random conversation which resulted in this name being chosen.


  • IPS display critical
  • 1024 pixels minimum
  • camera in middle (corner not ok, little bit off ok)
  • 7in 300g,350g target (not including packaging)
  • 9 or 10in, under 600g if possible
  • how does it feel? what does case look like? what shape?
  • single or dual injection moulding?
  • painted or dyed plastic
  • Accelerometer
  • WIFI (PCIe module, ATH9K)
  • Camera 0.3M front only, centred.
  • To decide: Micro Ethernet port
  • To decide: eSATA port


  • For more information, see News page.
  • Schematics are in progress.
  • Separate page for the development of the pcb.
  • List of components for the 7in tablet 7in bom, costings being sourced.


To Do:

  • (aaron) Choose Tablet size for KDE product (10in, 7in or even both)
  • (fsf,lkcl,aaron) Confirm specs of tablet(s)
  • (lkcl) Identify designer of tablet casework and I/O board
  • (lkcl) Identify manufacturer of tablet
  • (lkcl) source touchpanel manufacturer
  • (lkcl) Confirm source, supply of A10 EOMA-68 CPU Card
  • (lkcl) Confirm designer, source, supply of AM3892 EOMA-68 CPU Card (mistral?)
  • (lkcl? aaron?) Port OpenEC2 to STM32F (and RTEMS?) on tablet I/O board
  • (aaron) Port Plasma OS to Tablet with A10 CPU Card
  • (aaron) Port Plasma OS to Tablet with AM3892 CPU Card
  • (lkcl,fsf) Write crowd-funding web site for FSF


  • (fsf) Choose Tablet size for FSF product (decision: go with KDE 7in size first)

Long-term TODO:

  • (fsf) For (future!) 10in tablet, consider builtin SATA hard drive (or SSD)