Laptop Ideas

  • Notebook/netbook - modular design using existing tooling (with some minor mods) swappable cpu module, HD, mini-PCIe, LCD, etc The CPU module can jump from a mobile device to a desktop, to set-top-box to a Car-PC.
  • Simple design using sheet metal (lasercut, folding) where possible, minimal casting. Shell can be made from anything; provide 3D Printer files for people to either make their own shells or make their own moulds so that they can create their own shell out of recyclable materials (papier mache impregnated with resins for example: light-weight, very strong).

Keyboards and trackpads




Nuts and Bolts

  • DIN546 is the round nut type with a slot in it. These are needed for joining long bolts together where space is tight

Capacitive Mousepad with LCD

Benchtop plastic injection mould machine

With the cost of tooling at around $USD 20,000, it is worthwhile considering creating (and testing) injection moulding by other than the usual methods.

Ethernet connectors

Microlite portable

  • Starts at netbook sizes with proper keyboard + SSD, but no battery - its function is to be a self contained mains powered portable that resembles a laptop.


Assembly and Prototyping