This page is for coordinating marketing and news reports.

Since this is a community based effort, comments and ideas are welcome.

This page is intended to help all of you to get people motivated for the EOMA68 platform.


The goal of the marketing effort is to get customers buying into the EOMA68 micro desktop crowdfunding campaign by convincing them about the vision underlying the product and about the products currently on sale.

Key marketing points

In order to get some consistency in the message we spread, the key points are listed below.


  • Reducing E-waste by bringing flexibility
  • Enabling open hardware development
  • Stimulating free software

Current offering

  • Compact near-free computer
  • Can be upgraded in the future (to become more powerful and more free)
  • Creates a market for additional EOMA68 hardware

Communication channels

Despite being a word-of-mouth marketing effort, it will be great to multiply the reach by tying into existing channels like blogs and podcasts.

Related search terms

In order to identify relevant communication channels which both have an interest for the offer and have a desirable reach, some distinct search terms are listed which ought to output the most relevant channels.

  • Novena laptop
  • Pi-top
  • Phoneblocks
  • Fairphone
  • Spark tablet
  • Vivaldi tablet
  • Improv (
  • NEO900
  • GTA04
  • Lemote

List of Channels

Some structure is to be added in this section, both in categories as well as in the status (untouched, requested, featured)

This list isn't and won't be complete. It was initially created by searching for the keywords described above, but some websites might have lost their value, and similarly there might be valuable channels still missing. Please add these or suggest them!


Status Page

notes: *popular mechanics is now propaganda source. I (astr) remember watching video interview featuring someone from PM, editor maybe...? they were pro citizen surveillance if I remember correctly. They came across to me as nasty,devious or something like that, anyway i lost hope

Podcasts or vlogs

Status Page
Jordan Keyes
Linux Action Show
Linux Outlaws
Ubuntu Weekly News
Tech Talk Today
FLOSS Weekly


Status Page