10 Oct 2014: First prototype

First prototypes are back from assembly. They are still currently in Hong Kong, and are to be shipped back for testing shortly. First most obvious mistake is clear: the VGA connector PCB layout was mirror-imaged! This is easily corrected but requires around $600 for reworking. The remaining functionality will be fully tested before that happens, but these boards will be sufficient to go ahead with the crowdfunding campaign.

Also, note the addition of a Micro-SD card slot, since SD/MMC was added to the latest EOMA-68 specification it was considered a good idea to take advantage of that in this very small board. Micro-SD was used instead of full-sized SD because the part is already used on the EOMA68-A20 CPU Card. On that board the Micro-SD circuit is a known quantity, tested and proven already, and the supplier details are already known. It was considered expedient to not redesign the circuit or find other untested parts.