Plug Computer

An ultra-simple version of the straight Desktop or NAS box EOMA-68 concept, but with a built-in power supply and in form-factor only slightly bigger than an EOMA-68 CPU Card itself (86 x 54 x 5mm).

  • Size appx 2.5in by 3.5in by 1in (or, sufficient depth to contain built-in PSU)
  • RJ45 Socket for 10/100/1000 Ethernet (connected to the EOMA-68 interface)
  • USB 2.0 Host socket (connected directly to the EOMA-68 interface)
  • Optional eSATA socket (connected directly to the EOMA-68 interface)
  • built-in power supply providing 5.0v power for USB2, and also the EOMA-68 Card
  • I2C EEPROM containing EOMA-68 Identification information and devicetree spec

It's really that simple. Suitable applications include use as a FreedomBox (