=Ravox - The Rave Box=

a all in one sound system box for raving.

*light weight but industeral,pro robustness. can take a battering and still be carryed by 2 pepole a few KM. *Efficient speaker(s) * eoma-68 provides builtin computer with instant DJ setup. * bay for usb+power/esata/sata drives with shock exserbance to protect hard drives. * touch screen * decent DAC (usb?) * space for dj deck to sit on. * mono I assume or stero? * built in legs so it's not siting on the ground, is speaker a seport box that detaches and sits ontop on a pole to give it height above the people maybe? * lots of usb sockets to charge pocket computers and to access music off smartphones,flash drives, etc. *swapable battery pack? * auto DJ - shove in music and it will play it dj style (Mixxx does this but human has to set the order of the playlist, could some maths try and sort the playlist automaticly? with the option for the human to manualy override the order.) *robust audio outputs and inputs, aux (for playing from other device, goes though computer (so computer can auto mix/dj but also record a copy) but with analog override wheere it goes streight to the amp),lineout,headphones x2,mic x2 * mic inputs have anti feedback loop and again go though the computer so the nights rappers can be recoded. also analog - direct to amp override (with anti feedback loop?) * creates a playlist/archive/folder of the music played that night which can be copied to many randoily pluged-in flash drives also shares via being a piratebox (wifi). * QR code to donate bitcoins to for the currect artist and a qr code to donate to a pool for the nights music, then tracks/artists that have bitcoin/altcoin address get payout at the end of the night. * telescopic pole for small lights like led rgb light panel with decent strobe mode(?), laser telescopic pole colapses into box rgb panel clips onto sie of box or slots into a slot. * option to plugin more speakers

thanks to eoma-68 built in computer/software doesn't get stuck as obsolete. upgradable, better real time video effects to music, faster encoding flacs down to opus for sharing

target ordance more likely to pay £££?

something based on https://www.crowdsupply.com/blueshift/helium ?