"SSD security camera recorder with PIR sensors"

I made a little bit of software that runs on a PC. The PC has one ftp account per camera. The camera Foscam FI8918W can upload 1 photo a second. Every hour the upload sub directory is renamed and every day the upload sub directory is renamed. So if you want to go to a specific date and a specific hour, its easy to navigate the directory and get to the relevant time. Delete older directories and they expire to recycle space. Use the package "feh" to view the images. One camera takes up a few gigabytes per day. Today low power low spec 256GB SSD cost just over $100 and its set to fall dramatically.

So I'm thinking a very low power compact SSD camera recorder with PIR sensors could be feasible product. It could have complete Linux in it to allow decent scripted management of the gazillions of images, say for example making sure the saved pictures are only those just before and just after the PIR sensors stopped reacting. If it needs to be wireless, then just add a wireless dongle to the USB. The full Linux distro running on it should take care of it.

The box takes EOMA, SDCard, SSD and within the box, there is something a little more than MEB with power supply, ethernet, USB, SATA and GPIO brought out for PIR and similar sensors. Just add your own SSD, and its a product.

If you got dozens of these in a building, management is easy - just add more scripts to shuffle images towards the management terminals. Everything made easy with Linux full power of scripting. You could take the PIR data for example and plot it into a graph and put http server into the EOMA to show how busy your shop gets. And it could work over internet with ssh.

I got a few cute foxes in the garden. I'd like to know if they dragged in rubbish that needs disposing. With PIR detector, I'd know they have been in, and I can get me with a script one intelligent email summary containing the PIR activities during night and one or two relevant pictures without having to scan directories. etc.