UPS Computer

  • a box which is the computer.
  • External power supply.
  • Main power source fail backup box that the power supply plugins into which the computer box plugs into. This backup power box is basicly an UPS but with out the inverter. If it has some more vots like 12v? Then you could plug some loud PC speakers into it. USB is hocked up to the computer so you have stats. (which is also the power cable for the computer box) Then you can have nice loud alarms for Main power fail, batt fail, low bat, time remaining (txt2speech, fancy countdown sounds)

Solar power management system

  • A bigger UPS like thing for the home to manage solar panels and battery banks.
  • Control a banks of relays to control power collected from solar cells to charge up discharged batteries.
  • Control a bank of relays to connect charged up batteries to power house.
  • Control power delivery intelligently to appliances. Avoid for example draining battery to power up washing machines during their spin cycle by switching to mains electricity. But use use battery power during wash cycles. This greatly extends battery life and also extracts more energy out of a charged battery for some types of batteries.
  • Have facilities for internet management of power configurations.
  • Extensible to add more batteries, relays, batteries and intelligent power delivery schemes.