Zipit Z2 is an old handheld device which have the some docs and source code released when it reached end of life. There is old stock still for sale from hinv on the irc channel. He is on the channel now and then. arossdotme has bits to make goodie packs for no-profit-unless-u-add-some sale too.

More info about hardware and software distros for it:

You can find people idling and discussing Zipit on the:
IRC channel: #zipit

Concept: The idea is to replace the Zipit mainboard with a new board containing an eoma68 socket while keeping the same board layout.

Viability depends on availability of the 40 pin IPEX LCD connector (20374-R40E-31) to be placed on the replacement mainboard.

also see: ?clamshell microlaptop

footnotes: The model name is Z2 but often refereed to as just "Zipit". There was a model before Z2 but it was less of a generic computer. ie black and white, old simple lcd tech. from the early 2000s.