Crowd Supply and Earth-friendly EOMA68 Computing Devices

Eco friendly and upcycled fully freedom-respecting upgradeable computer.

Host systems:



"USB + HDMI Cable Set for Standalone Operation"

Just a cable to attach any eoma68 card to the back of a monitor, you also need keyboard and mouse.

Desktop housing:


"Micro Desktop Housing for Computer Card"

You need a screen, any eoma68 card, keyboard and mouse with this.

Tiny size: 4.5” x 4.5” x 0.5”
EOMA68 Computer Card slot (user-upgradeable)
2x USB2 ports
VGA port
Micro-SD Card slot
Standard 5.5 mm DC Jack, powered by anything from 7 V up to 21 V
Laser-cut wooden case


"Laptop Housing Kit for Computer Card"

15.6” 1366 x 768 LCD
10 Ah battery (approximately 6-8 hours running time)
Only 1.1 kg weight
EOMA68 Computer Card slot (user-upgradeable)
Full-sized QWERTY Keyboard including numberpad
3 USB2 ports (2 internal, 1 external)
Special internal compartment (easily accessible, 8 mm x 90 mm x 60 mm)
Micro-SD Card slot (takes 256 GB MicroSD cards)
1W Stereo speakers, built-in Mic
CM108AH USB Audio with stereo headphone socket
4.3” Capacitive touch panel and back-lit LCD (instead of mouse trackpad)
STM32F072 Embedded Controller with firmware under GPLv3 license
Full schematics available.
3D-printed casework design files available under GPLv3 license
Eco-friendly plywood panels

Options for Laptop


1. PIY Print It Yourself, (comes with most parts, and you also need an eoma68 card)


2. PFY Printed For You, (comes with all printed parts ready to assemble, you also need an eoma68 card.


3. CAL Completely Assembled Laptop, (comes readily assembled with eoma68 card.)

Colours for PFY and CAL:

  1. PLA / Metallic Silver
  2. PLA / Alternating Green and Black
  3. PLA / "Rainbow" lucky dip
  4. PLA / Clear and transparent
  5. Resin / Black (this option costs 150$ extra)



Libre Tea Computer card:

OS: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre

Practically Perfect Computer card:

OS: Debian GNU/Linux

Numero Uno

OS: Devuan

Getting Ahead Computer card:

OS: Fedora 24


  • 2010
  • Design - Prototype stage
  • 2016
  • July:
  • Start of campaign
    • Sept:
  • (After campaign end)
  • Visit battery company in Hong Kong
  • Pick 3D printing company. Rigorous testing of materials, ethics and sustainability.
  • Pick up components personally in China
  • 6-8 weeks, Mass production prototype run of 10 PCB boards
  • Oversee production personally in Taiwan
  • 2017
  • Jan:
  • Volume production
  • Feb:
  • Testing PCBs (End of Jan/Feb, after Chinese new year)
  • March:
  • Packaging and shipping out rewards or pickup of imports from postal service in Europe
  • Checking kits(?)"

Creator: Helped free resources from A10.

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  • Mailing list: link
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