Hello, Sounds like a great device. Is it possible to boot from a serial flash ? ( for embedded applications)

Thanks and good luck !


Hi! I Want to use Jtag interface,but I found that: in cpu.lib the Jtag1 share pin with SPI2 X NCE4/SPI2_CS0/JTAG_MS1/PC19 X NCE5/SPI2_CLK/JTAG_CK1/PC20 X NCE6/SPI2_MOSI/JTAG_DI1/PC21 X NCE7/SPI2_MISO/JTAG_DO1/PC22

and in Pin Group F Jtag1 share pin with SD card0 M20 SDC0_D1/JTAG_MS1/PF0 M19 SDC0_D0/JTAG_DI1/PF1 L20 SDC0_CLK/UART0_TX/PF2 L19 SDC0_CMD/JTAG_DO1/PF3 K20 SDC0_D3/UART0_RX/PF4 K19 SDC0_D2/JTAG_CK1/PF5

and in Pin Group B Jtag0 share pin with SPI2 A10 SPI2_CS0/JTAG_MS0/PB14 B10 SPI2_CLK/JTAG_CK0/PB15 A9 SPI2_MOSI/JTAG_DO0/PB16 B9 SPI2_MOSO/JTAG_DI0/PB17 Is there are wrongs with it? and what is the differents in Jtag0and Jtag1? Thanks scanli@126.com