If you are an artist, you can start at designing a logo for the project : )



If you are a hardware or software engineer, you can get involved by checking the schematic or contributing some code.

Allwinner A10



  • Tools

Allwinner provides two tools to flash the image to nand or sdcard. Livesuite and Phoenix Card. Both windows only and closed source. So we need a open source version tools replacing them.

Livesuite is for pc to communicate with A10 internal brom FEL through usb. The usb protocol is closed, too. May need reverse engineer to write a tool to communicate with FEL.

Phoenix Card is to write an image to a sd card so that A10 can boot from sd card. Currently there is a tool to write A10 bootable image to sd card. see ?A10 MMC Boot

  • Bootloader

u-boot: currently there is a u-boot can boot A10 from mmc, but only mmc driver is working, others like nand, usb are not. The source code is here.;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/lichee-dev-mmc

  • Kernel