ICubeCorp EOMA-68-IC1T CPU Card

ICubeCorp IC1T

The ICubeCorp SoCs are fully FSF-Endorseable hybrid CPU / GPU / VPU Parallel Processors with a full Software Libre toolchain and no proprietary hardware or software is required. The first in the series to make silicon is a 55nm 400mhz Quad-Parallel Processor in a 210 pin QFP package.

Thanks to a special port of OpenMP (a c / c++ compiler) standard off-the-shelf Software Libre libraries are automatically accelerated to match the equivalent performance of similar speed dedicated silicon engines.

The first ICubeCorp CPU Card uses the ultra-low-cost IC1T which is a 210 pin QFP. It has just enough interfaces to be minimally-compatible with EOMA-68, with the exception of Ethernet and two USB ports, which have been added through an SMIC 9514 USB-Ethernet Hub IC.

There are therefore no extra interfaces on the user-facing front plate of this CPU Card: it has an internal eMMC NAND IC, 512mb of RAM, and an internal JTAG port. Booting from UART for boot-strapping may however be done by pulling the RESERVED pin up. allowing the OS to be replaced at any time without DRM.

This is the first CPU Card that is fully FSF-Endorseable and is a very low cost BOM.