24 Nov 2015: First PCBs printed

Here's some pictures of the first Ingenic JZ4775 PCBs printed, with a new and amazingly helpful factory owner in China, named Mike. Mike's amazed at the whole project, so has been very supportive. These PCBs will be populated with components over the next few weeks at his factory. The RAM to be used will total 2GB, and the NAND Flash IC will be 4GB. Boot is, according to the Ingenic JZ4775 datasheet, possible from the Micro-SD Card as well as from USB. There is a 10-pin header which has UART and JTAG for board bring-up purposes, and there also exists the potential possibility to boot off of SPI NOR off-board from the EOMA68 interface. 3 external touchpads also exist to help select the external boot mode.