05 Jan 2016: EOMA68-jz4775 First successful USB-loader demo (video)

This is a (silent) video showing an EOMA68-jz4775 CPU Card successfully running a tiny "hello world" program which fits into the first 16k (first level cache) of the Ingenic MIPS jz4775. Thanks to Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale's work on the jz4780-based CI120 developer board, modifications could be made to switch to UART0 (instead of UART4), a 24mhz clock (instead of 48mhz) and using the Debian MIPSEL gcc cross-compiler, the demo program was successful.

The next phase will be to carry out DDR3 RAM and other initialisation, then to endeavour to load a MIPSEL kernel or u-boot into memory.