apologies folks but i'm getting fed up of having to repeat myself with statements that are being ignored, which are in the best interests of the project. so i am going to simply lay down the law, in order to get the project on an optimal footing, on the basis that there is a lot more going on than just 150 or so subscribers to the arm-netbooks mailing list: it's a public project with long-term goals.

so the rules that i am forced to reluctantly set are as follows:

1) you put information that is useful to other people - no matter how patchy, scant, incorrect, incomplete, in the wrong place, and no matter how much you are "afraid it might be criticised" - on the wiki. nobody's going to criticise you - personally - for doing so. they might even improve the information.

2) you make an announcement on the list referring people to the page.

3) i will give each individual two and only two publicly-announced opportunities to conform to 1) and 2).

4) on the 3rd violation of rules 1) and 2) i will simply unsubscribe them from the list.

the reason is very very simple: if the information is lost because it's passing by on the mailing list at such a rapid rate that nobody can remember it, then you are doing yourself a dis-service by completely wasting your own time even mentioning it [on the list]. thus, i will actually be doing you a favour by giving you the opportunity to do something more productive with your time.

i trust that people will now begin to listen and that i will not be forced to ever mention this again - it's embarrassing; i don't like having to lay down the law and i'd very much like this to be a positive environment where people can contribute to something exciting.