Marketing Strategy

  • TTM - Time to market lead
  • Open versatile Common Platform
  • EOMA One

Three ways EOMA helps to bring new products to market faster and save money

EOMA - From month to weeks TTM reduction


   One platform, many Distros: Vanilla GNU/Linux, Android etc.

   Software comes pre-flashed by default

   One module, many applications

   Instant upstream compatibility with Linux GIT tree


   Need for software expertise is removed from OEM side

   BOM reduction X 5

   Access to bigger market platform

   Readapting the design is as easy as changing one module

System Intergrators

   Quick access to many ODM designs

   Plug and play

   LOW TTM and high flexibility

   Update process is made trivial and faster

Reasoning behind the Marketing Strategy

EOMA is platform for the whole industry that benefits the whole "food chain".

Its good for ODM because they will have upstream support and they will be able to support their own clients better.

For OEMs the benefit is that they will no longer need to deal with software by themselves, it simplifies production and logistics, lowers production run times thus less cost of capital.

For integrators, the benefit is less obvious, but its also lower time to market, increased ability to reuse existing designs.

In general, the idea is that EOMA uses open source principles to increase efficiency across the industry. EOMA will be doing to computer hardware market the same thing what linux has done to server OS market.