Rhombus Tech Presentation

  • what is the project.

EOMA is an initiative to separate the platform from the widget

EOMA module is System-On-Module that will come in standardized 68 pin package

It can utilize most of low cost SoC of your choice. At current stage, Allwinner A10 is the favoured chip.

The first EOMA-68 CPU Card is Cortex A8 based design

Module provides I2C, USB, Ethernet, SATA, 8 bit ttl rgb (display), and gpio on remaining pins

At current stage Rhombus plans to reinvest all profits into platform development and improvement

  • what is the advantage and scenarios.

Rhombus facilitates upstream integration with linux and other major OSS projects.

OEMs receive standard platform that greatly reduces time-to-market.

OEMs no longer need to contract ODMs or have extensive software expertise to make a worthwhile product.

  • what is the latest status of this project.

Rhombus is in process of getting pre-orders

lkcl is working with manufacturers to start production

Tips for holding presentations

say what you've been doing, talk for 5-10 minutes and then just let people ask questions. 5-10 mins really isn't long.

a couple of words of advice:

  • speak towards and look at the back of the room, pretending to be looking at everyone.
  • if you don't have anything written for people to look at, use gestures. count bullet-points on your fingers "theatrically".
  • otherwise, keep your hands by your side, or one in front of you.
  • don't move around, but don't stand still either. if you move, do so deliberately and then stay put.
  • when someone asks a question, repeat it back (so everyone can hear it, and they can check you understand it!)
  • unless being recorded, speaking up loud without microphone is much easier than try to make good use of a microphone if not used to it. There is no problem at all to speak without microphone in a room up to about 100 people, 300 if you have a voice for it.