The R-Car H1 is an SoC (system-on-chip) for next-generation high-end car infotainment systems that integrates a quad-core high-performance ARM Cortex™-A9 processor (1 GHz) supporting versatile operating systems, one Renesas SH-4A high-reliability real-time processing CPU core, a high-performance graphics processor and two image recognition processing IPs, a dedicated audio processing digital signal processor (DSP), and a variety of many other peripheral functions.


  • 12 GIPS CPU performance enables simulataneous control of a variety of applications and large-volume data processing via a network
  • Dual-core PowerVR SGX enables 40Gflops, 83 M polygons (mega-polygons) per second graphics processing and user-friendly navigation with realistic 3D images
  • 1080/60p full HD (high-definition) video payback processing and other multimedia functions
  • A top-view (360-degree view) system realized by a single chip, and other built-in dual-core image recognition engines for assisting the driver