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3x USB - one HSIC which can go to the JM3029, one USB2 which can go to EOMA68, one USB-OTG which can go to the outside world.

linux kernel "generic" source code:

git clone git://

info from cnxsoft:

pricing: $USD 12 (12!!!!!)

structure of firmware image/flash rom and USB flashing protocol should
be basically same from RK28 ages(from users' PoV). there are some amount
of experiences.

some open source tools such as rkflash/rkflashtool can do some work for
RK3188 too.

it's possible. all you need is 'don't use MEMERASE ioctl, use bs=16384'.
if you need working flash_image command, you can get it from my site,

there are 2 modes for USB communication.

mask rom mode, like as FEL mode on sunxi, bootloader needs to be loaded
by rockchip official tools such as RKAndroidTool, RKBatchTool, etc.
rkflash/rkflashtool doesn't support this mode yet.

bootloader mode, bootloader(currently made by rockchip only) is loaded
from flash or USB, it should be possible to read/write RAM, NAND and
IDB(bootloader) via USB.  rkflashtool can read/write NAND and can read
RAM/IDB for now.

if you don't touch bootloader, rkflashtool works nicely for
kernel/userland development.

there are a lot of rkflashtool forks, but this one should be better,