Rockchip RK3288

Quad-core 1.8ghz ARM Cortex A17, addresses up to 4GB DDR3 RAM, takes up to 32GB eMMC NAND Flash. Also has 3 USB ports.

USB Host Port 1 is known to have a hardware bug: therefore only the OTG port and USB host Port 2 are being used for EOMA68's 2 USB interfaces, The reason: EOMA68 requires two USB Host ports, and the board is so densely packed that there is no room for the addition of a USB Host IC. So, no user-facing USB OTG Port (no charging or stand-alone operation) is being provided.

The PCB is extremely densely populated, and the peak power at the full speed too great for the 5W EOMA68 power budget, so the cores must be ramped down in max speed. This will require experimentation to determine.