Nov 2014: Nico Rikken

Nico kindly wrote on his blog why he believes that EOMA68 will advance free software and hardware:

Mar 2015: Alexander Ross

Alexander (now 20) began following the Rhombus Tech project when he was 17, and has helped out enormously ever since. He kindly has this to say:

"luke has been tireless working on this project. despite ups and downs hes worked out a path. Hes making the future he would like to see. even if it's only a relative small part of a more sustainable future. it's still a important part to it. after reading what i can get my hands on I have come to my own conclusion that he is going to do what it takes with minimal evil to get there. I'm fed up of the status quo and luke is making the change that could well help break the status quo of the main stream computing devices. I wish him all the best and look forward to buying and using the products as my day to day devices.

so give him lots of money please :P

I’ve only had one main stream laptop. I want this to be my first and last main stream laptop I paid good money for. I want my next laptop and my first tablet to be a EOMA-*/Rhombus-Tech one :D. "

April 2015: Paul Boddie

Paul has kindly written an article covering the history of the project so far: