Texas Instruments AM389x Series

The TI AM389x Series is based around an ARM Cortex A8 core. The DM816x Series is identical to the AM389x and adds a TMS320 DSP core. The AM3892 version, having no proprietary 3D Graphics Engine, would be suitable for FSF Hardware Endorsement.

An EOMA-68 CPU Card for this range would include the AM3892, AM3894, TMS320DM8165 through to TMS320DM8167, as well as the C6A816x series, all of which are pin-compatible.

The AM389x/DM816x series all have 2 32-bit-wide DDR3 RAM interfaces which can take up to 1600mhz DDR3 RAM.


If you would like an EOMA-68-compliant CPU module to be made based around adapting the EVM816x schematics, please register for an AM3892 preorder here.

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